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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 8, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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out of thin air? david: no, it's possible we had a producer that's in love with georgia. she's taking tomorrow off. that's how much she loves. melissa: i like that. i respect that. i'll be watching too. risk and reward starts right now. trump: people came to me, and they saw me, and they were crying. men that were tough and strong. women that were tough and strong, they see me, their tears coming down their eyes because i gaye them back their property. i gave them back their farms. they couldn't use them. we ditched the rule. i call it. we ditched the rule. we're streamlining regulations that have blocked cutting edge biotechnology, setting free our farmers to innovate, thrive, and to grow. oh, are you happy you voted for me. you are so lucky that i gave you that privilege. the other choice wasn't going
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to work out too well for the farmers. liz: well, as the washington, d.c. beltway swirls to talk about steve bannon, a book, and russia, president trump put all of that aside and took his talk of his policies, his agenda to the heartland, to his base. farmers in nashville, tennessee to those men and women he called today the forgotten crowd hurt by the dc swamp. telling them quote you are not forgotten anymore and the tax cut agenda, you heard it right there. he said, oh, are you happy you voted for me? this is the first time in 25 years the sitting president has spoken to the america farm bureau federation and almost all of the other networks did not take his speech live. we got the live updates on the president's speech tonight. plus, a lot of people to react to it. and to the deep state probe at the fbi, banks finally handing over fusion gps bank records to the house intelligence panel. fusion is a firm behind the antitrump file. the new documents could possibly show things like whether or not former fbi
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director james comey authorized anyone at the fbi to help pay for that file and whether journalists including dc journalists are on the fusion payroll. we're going to break it all down. plus reports, iphones dangerous to children. two big apple investors behind a new campaign against apple in that front. we'll have more on what the giant pension fund calpers says is a growing public health crisis. young people addicted to iphones and smartphones. we do have an all-star line up for you of guests including former reagan economist, and a lawyer who won the case against nsa surveillance. he's larry claman. harvard law professor allen dershowitz and the famous dr. mike all here tonight. politics and money we have you covered. welcome to risk and reward i'm liz macdonald. the s&p and nasdaq closed at record highs while optimism in the economy still there. more on that in a second.
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but first, president trump speaking to farmers in nashville, tennessee. but how his agenda will impact rural america and the middle class. it's farmers and rural america that helped get the president elected. but while fox news took the president's speech. cnn, msnbc, and other networks decided to skip it. dr. art law enforcement officer, good to see you. >> good to see you. how are you? liz: good. what did you think of's speech? >> i thought it was great. it was great that it was here in nashville. we people in nashville deserve some great credit, and he came here for us. it's super. liz: you know, earlier knows how to speak to the american people. >> it's amazing. liz: i hate to say this. i don't want to be a cliché call it a barn burner of a speech but there was a lot of applause, and he has talked personally about 401(k)s, and i think this is what we're going to show you. he added how a police officer came up to him and says thank you for my 401(k). let's listen.
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trump: i had a policemen in new york come up to me and said mr. president -- i was shaking hands. do we love our police and our uniform? [applause] and he came up -- we were taking pictures and nice event. and he said, sir, i want to thank you for my 401(k). i never thought in terms of this way. i said i think i'm going to use this every once in a while. he said my 401(k) is up 39%. it's so good my wife think so i'm -- don't forget this is in, like, nine months when i met him. said my wife think so i'm an investment genius. thank you, sir. thank you. [laughter] and i said you know what? based on the stocks, 39 is not that good. you're not really doing that well. don't tell your wife that. liz: you see how he took care of a political point, art? he says especially cops, teachers, firemen, market workers, their pensions are flowing higher. 7.3trillion in market wealth since elected. what was your reaction to that? >> well, that's just fantastic. this is the indicator of things to come.
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remember the stock market doesn't tell us what has been. it tells us what will be. and with that market rocketing up like that, you're bound to see a much faster growth, much more employment, all of those things are going to happen, and he is hitting those buttons just perfectly. i mean especially here in nashville. did you notice he didn't talk about that silly book at all? he talked about economics. and that's great. he had the next senator of the united states marsha blackburne there and the governor of the state of tennessee diane black there as well. he had all of our sort of power group, and it was just -- i thought he did a great job, and i wish he would come to nashville a lot more. liz: you know, art, we keep track of what the other networks are covering. it was all about russia, the book. nothing about policies. dc is supposed to be a factor of policies. let's get to the president today warning farmers if democrats win, they will take back their tax cuts saying today people literally came up to him thanking him for his
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agenda that he literally is saying the farmers tell us you gave us our farms back. but we want to show you democrats fear mongering about the tax cuts before the pass. here's what they said. watch. >> the republican tax plan will be full of tricks for the middle class and full of treats for the wealthiest americans. >> theres going to be a middle class tax increase. >> devastating and in my view immoral budget to fast track their moral tax plan to hand trillions to the wealthy while raising taxes on the middle class. taxes will be raised on middle class families across america. >> wealthy americans, big, fat christmas present for you. tiny tim? we're taking your crutch away from you. and all the other kids in this country, and we're putting a lump of coal into your christmas stocking. liz: art, what's your reaction to that? >> you know, it just saddens me very much. it's just straight wrong. i don't know of one economist who would say stuff like that ever.
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and this political pandering in it. i'm very sad because they should be working with us, liz. and this is what we need is a bipartisan pro growth agenda like john f kennedy was. like bill clinton was. you know, they were great presidents, and they had great economic policies. and now the democrats have gone and off the ranch are just crazy. i don't understand it, even barack obama said that we had to cut the corporate tax rate dramatically, which is what trump finally did. i don't know why these guys are saying this stuff. liz: elizabeth warren said you need corporate tax reform, so did bernie sanders, so did, you know, joe biden, john kerry and, by the way, chuck schumer voted for the reagan tax cuts. >> i know. liz: but the president said today in nashville, tennessee to the farmers we are getting 3% growth. that was not supposed to happen. jobless rates including for african-americans are at record lows. >> it's true thanks armageddon? is armageddon when 100 companies -- 100 companies, art, plowing the tax cut back into operations or millions -- hundreds of millions in
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dollars of bonuses. >> well, just so you know, he was here today in the fastest-growing state in the nation. we have no income tax, we have no unearned income tax, we have low property taxes, we got rid of our death and estate tax totally here in tennessee. we've got about the lowest tax burden of any state, and we're growing the fastest. duh. i mean, we are the example america should be following. we are the place. we've got way big improvements in schools, education here, our highways are improving dramatically, and we have all of our pension funds are fully funded. i mean, the highest credit rating of any state in the nation. this is what america should be like is tennessee, and i'm glad he came here, and he gave that speech. i wish he would have given the one. we're going to make america like tennessee, which is fast growing, low tax prosperity, which even the democrats should like that. they really should. but i don't know what's wrong with them. but they've gotten off the track, liz, and i don't know why. liz: we were just showing the president addressing and
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shaking hands outside the speech. he's getting ready to board again air force 1. he's going to attend a college basketball game tonight. art, the dc media is all about the mental fitness of president trump when 7.3 trillion in market value has been added since the election. and didn't people also underestimate ronald reagan? and ronald reagan won two elections in a landslide. this is about policy. which policies are going to get the candidates elected; right? >> yeah. clark clifford referred to reagan -- can you believe this? as the dunts. i mean, that was the description of reagan. and then of course clark e's career crashed on that. what you want to now do is look at the fiscal fitness of america, which is improving by day. we added $7 trillion to the wealth of america and the stock market, we're going to have our budgets coming back towards balance, revenues are going to start increasing. there's one thing that causes revenue growth, elizabeth, and that's economic growth.
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i mean, tax revenues grow with the economy. and that's what we need to do. just like tennessee does it. liz: by the way, i want to correct myself. the president will be attending a college football game tonight. please forgive me, dear viewer viewers. liberal economists, by the way, he's a lawyer, not an economist. it's robert. and billionaire tom stire and other so-called experts have put out video saying you know what? art law enforcement officer, you're all wrong. trickle down economics doesn't work. i want you to take them on. let's listen first. >> trump and conservatives in congress are planning a big tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. they're using the oldest song in their playbook claiming tax cuts on the rich will trickle down to working families in the form of stronger economic growth. bologna. >> tax cuts for wealthy people haven't helped anyone but wealthy people. there is no trickle down. >> the truth about trickle down economics is it doesn't work. liz: sorry. firstly, these guys are really annoying. i said this eight years ago in 2010. the era of trickle down
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government did not work. now we're getting double the growth that was under obama. trickle down under obama didn't work. what's to prove that you have, art law enforcement officer that trickle down economics as they call it. i don't know if you would call it that. works. >> the two best periods in history, recent history are jf kennedy with massive tax cuts on the rich and ronald reagan with massive tax cuts on the rich. we had economic growth like mad the poor got jobs. i think reagan since the tax cuts took effect, i think we created 20 million jobs. we had huge prosperity and with bill clinton, he cut taxes a lot as well. people forget he did raise top highest two brackets, but he cut taxes everywhere else. the capital gains tax. he eliminated capital gains tax for owner occupied homes. that's amazing. he cut taxes on the social security recipients, on those people, the elderly. it's just amazing. and what happened? the economy prospered like mad. where are their examples?
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they want to look at how well obama did. hello. how well w did? not. and then the four stooges. i love johnson, nixon, ford, carter. the largest bipartisan ignorance ever put on planet earth, and they allowed stuff in the economy, and it took reagan to bring it back again. these guys don't see. can't see the finger in front of their face. liz: you know, when you have facts; right? facts matter. but if you set aside the facts, then you're just an ideologue. >> they say these words like fat cat riches. that's stupid. you can't love jobs, elizabeth and hate job creators. if you make it attractive for job creators to hire people, you're going to get better wages, better growth, better output, better income. these people have something to do with their time developing skills and advancing their families. that's all we want. and if you want one good example, compare new york with florida or compare tennessee
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with kentucky. kentucky runs their model. tennessee runs our model. which one works? ours works, theirs fails. and you can see it in economics. you can't tax an economy into prosperity. forgive me for saying that, but you can't. liz: you know, i often call you dr. art laughter by accident. i didn't get you laughing tonight, but you're terrific. >> i love laughing, by the way. it's fun. you know, if you let this stuff get to you, elizabeth, it will kill you. but if you just enjoy it, it's great. good economics and humor go well together. liz: well, you look happy there. good to see you, art. >> good to see you. liz: here's more from president trump today talking about how his agenda is literally helping to rescue farms. helping the little guy keep their businesses out there in rural america talking about how the dc swamp quote regulatory assault hurts the little guy. it's the narrative the liberal left often refuses to acknowledge. let's listen. >> from now on most family farms and small business owners will be spared -- and
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you're going to be spared, and it really is the word punishment of the deeply unfair estate tax known as the death tax, so you can keep your farms in the family. [applause] liz: next guest is a farm owner herself. little guy farmer who the president is reaching out to today. we're bringing in virginia farmer and top policy adviser to america first policies she's martha. martha, msnbc, cnbc, bloomberg, a lot of mainstream media did not take the president's speech today. what's your reaction to that? >> it's unfathomable. america farmers are the backbone of america. the heartbeat of america. and to not report on this historic day in american history celebrating the american farmer, it's hard to imagine that. you know, our american farmers are the greatest in the world. and donald trump's plan for america that has been neglected. it's one of the most
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overregulated sectors in our country is going to make our farmers even more competitive. liz: yeah, i want you to talk about that. i mean, how it's the most -- one thing most unregulated sector. the president calls the farmers and the little guys the forgotten man and women. the silent majority saying you're not forgotten anymore. but when you would hear the liberal left and people on the left talking about it, again, we go right down there middle. we're going to report both sides. they're saying farmers are big corporate america, they're really rich, they don't need state tax cuts and things like that. what's your reaction to that? >> you know, the small family farmer struggles literally to survive. the overregulated, overburdened with job-killing regulations that make it very difficult to survive. and, you know, over 75% of rural america in the farm belt voted for donald trump and that's because we believe and the american farmer believed in his vision for deregulation and tax cuts that have -- that
5:16 pm
will really make a big difference in farming in america. you know, the greatest preservation for agriculture is a robust economy and agriculture industry. and under donald trump's plan for rule america, we will have that. liz: that's where a lot of manufacturing jobs too, high-paying ones. president trump also signed an executive order today to help rural america get the internet to places where they cannot get access to the internet, meaning more broadband. what was your reaction to that? >> it is such a day of celebration in rural america today. the -- bringing broadband, technology, infrastructure to rural america will change the future of agriculture and everyone is celebrating in the farm belts, and it's with good reason. farm country is god country. >> thank you, martha. represent a little farmer guy out there. good to see you. come back soon. we love having you go on. now to the deep state probe in dc.
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td bank giving over bank records for fusion gps to the house intelligence committee. the bank records could show basically dozens of financial transactions and whether anyone at the fbi when it was run by james comey paid fusion for that antitrump file. a lot of questions here. we're covering it all. plus, reports that the justice department is reopening the investigation into clinton foundation's pay to play. plus, hillary clinton's e-mail server problems. my next guest says you know what? watch out. there's a lot of story angles here that is not being covered. we're going to cover them next. freedom watch founder larry claman. stay there. don't go away ooooooh snap!! every truck guy has their own way of conveying powerful. yeeaaahhh boy. kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy.
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5:21 pm
of financial transactions may show whether anyone at the fbi when it was run by james comey helped pay fusion for that anti-trump file and much more. the dnc helped pay for it. republicans have alleged the dossier was used by the fbi to get fisa warrants for michael flynn and former trump campaign aid carter page obtained. fusion went to court to block this move and argued unsuccessfully that his personal bank records could reveal client information and could step on his first amendment rights and that this information could leak. td bank stock ended the day in the red trading at $60 a share. let's bring in the lead plaintiff in sa prevalence lawsuit. he is freedom watch founder larry claman. good to see you, larry. >> liz, good to see you. happy new year. liz: happy new year to you too. what will you be looking for in fusion's bank records? >> well, first of all, let me say there was a symmetry there in your introduction. the judge who ordered that these documents be turned over is the same judge who ruled in
5:22 pm
our favor and found that the unconstitutional surveillance was illegal. richard leon. he's a very fine judge. well, money tells a tale. follow the lead, see where it goes, see who's involved, and there's no really risk of releasing confidential information. there are protective orders that are issued, that kind of thing. it's just important for the congressman to obey the law. and if they don't, they should be held accountable by the house ethics community. liz: this is something lindsey graham says he's very concerned about. it doesn't matter if it's trump, a democrat in office, or marco rubio who won. individuals in the government doing surveillance. he's scared about it. he's saying every american should be scared about it. there's also concern that fusion allegedly paid journalists. that journalists were on fusion's payroll and so far fusion has not denied that. what does this mean about paying journalists? >> well, that would be highly unethical at a minimum. it could be illegal. it could be part of a conspiracy here. may tie in the clintons to that. to the extent there's an
5:23 pm
investigation here, we can talk about that in a bit. but to be very serious if the journalists were being paid. that compromises their integrity, and it could make them part of a conspiracy to violate the law. liz: again, we don't know yet if they were paid or what they were paid for. if they were paid to talk about, you know, trump, russia collusion, the file that was built by christopher and fusion gps. senator chuck grassley and lindsey gram last week sent a referral to the justice department to open a criminal investigation of christopher seal, the author of that file. what's your reaction to that? >> well, i think what congress is doing right now, that's fine. but that's not going to do it in and of itself. we know that our attorney general who is now being praised by chuck schumer, and that tells you something. he wants him to stay. that an internal justice department investigation is not the way to go here. if a special council is okay for robert mueller and the president, it's good enough with regard to the democrats, fusion gps, uranium one. i've suggested that i'm
5:24 pm
available if someone wants to make that recommendation and nomination because you need somebody who will get the job done and jeff sessions right now you can see from schumer supporting him continuing to be attorney general is not the guy to do it. we need somebody independent to do it. sessions, by the way, may have been wire-tapped himself in terms of the trigger that fusion gps dossier caused. it caused a wiretap of the trump tower. sessions may be on some of those wiretaps. that may be why he's so timid about proceeding. this -- i have no faith that this justice department will actually do anything in a thorough and aggressive way. liz: yeah. fbi is saying that they confirm the contents of the file, and that's why they got the fisa warrants. you're right. it sounds really like it needs a more complex probe underway to get to the bottom of it. let's get to hillary clinton. reports now that the justice department is reopening its investigation into the clinton foundation pay to play and possibly hillary clinton's private e-mail use. but you say all of this could be a sham.
5:25 pm
why? >> well, because i've -- you know, i've lived a long time, liz as a lawyer here. 30 years fighting the clintons, fighting others in the government, first founding judicial watch, now freedom watch. that you can see at but i've seen it before. it gets covered up. and there's an internal desire inside of that justice department. 97% of justice department lawyers either voted for obama or clinton or contributed to their campaigns. now, they're not inclined to do a thorough investigation of the e-mails. it needs to be given to a special council who is not beholden to the deep state and the justice department. by the way, we had a ruling here in nevada that the obstruction of evidence here and the monies had their indictment. this is another outrage, another major scandal for the fbi and the justice
5:26 pm
department. liz: larry, we love having you go on the show. come back soon, sir. >> thank you. liz: coming up a new report, almost a million americans are getting special $1,000 bonuses and more from their bosses saying thanks to the gop tax cuts. we've got a ceo, he's one of those guys who handed out the bonuses. he's here with us to talk about it. also comedian seth meyers criticizing the term hollywood elite last night at the golden globes saying working in hollywood is the american dream. my next guest says you know what? not so sure about that. that's after this. don't go away liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! libertstands with you™hind when lerty stands th you. liberty mutual insuran.ce
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they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people. do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners. nice. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you. >> victims and secrets and lies. i want to say that i value the press more
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liz: the golden globes last night kicking off speculation about a white house run in 2020. nbc on the other side getting a firestorm of blow back for a tweet about oprah reading quote nothing but respect for our future president. featuring a picture of oprah at the awards. now, ratings for the golden globe awards audience, it did slip 5% versus last year, averaging 19 million viewers were checking comcast stock. closing the day just down over 1%. let's bring in the daily signal. senior reporter kelsey and democrat strategist michael hopkins. good to see you both. first to you, kelsey. gayle king, by the way, oprah winfrey's best friend has already said she's not running for president. but that tweet, kelsey by nbc has now been deleted. nbc responding with another
5:31 pm
tweet reading quote yesterday a tweet about the globes and oprah winfrey sent by a third party for nbc realtime during the broadcast, it's in reference to a joke made during the monologue, not meant to be a political statement. kelsey, come in here. what was your reaction to all of that? >> well, it's nice for nbc to actually be transparent about its political bias. particularly in this time when the media is being questioned, the credibility is being questioned. i think this was an unfortunate mistake on their behalf. they're trying to blame this on some third party. but let's be honest on a night as big as the golden globes. you better bet that there are nbc executives signing off on any tweet that's going out. but to the question about oprah, we all know and love oprah as an entrepreneur, as a businesswoman. but we don't necessarily all know or love her based on her politics. we don't quite know what her politics would be if she does run. but i think at this point it
5:32 pm
is a fair question to ask. liz: yeah, we don't know what her policies are to your point. michael, seth meyers was criticized. he basically talked about the term hollywood elite saying working in hollywood is the quote american dream. let's take a listen. >> this looks like a room of privileged hollywood elite, and that's fair. but everyone in this room knows that hollywood is so much more than that. when you're on a film set, you meet hairdressers and camera people and script supervisors and most of the jobs on film sets are jobs for people who work long, hard hours. they are american dream jobs. those people aren't there thanks to their rich dad, except for that one pa. people in this room worked really hard to get here. but it's clear now than ever before that the women had to work even harder. liz: mike, what's your reaction to that? >> you know, i think he's right. i think hollywood is no different than the political news sets all around the country where you have, you know, hairdressers and sets,
5:33 pm
producers, people who have always dreamed about participating in media and entertainment and who have made a lot of sacrifices to get there. so i think we should be careful lumping together the people who make tv work with the people who finance it and have not exactly been the most responsible people throughout. liz: good points kelsey and michael. good to see you both. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. liz: almost a million americans now getting special $1,000 bonuses from their bosses thanks to the republican tax cuts. we've got one of those ceos here to talk about that. also, media about president trump's mental health next guest saying the only thing that's worse about political differences is trying to quote psychiatryize them. that is a phrase coined by allen dershowitz. he's going to explain what he means after this
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5:38 pm
notice? >> he's different than any other politician. i can tell you he has the wherewithal to do things that no politician has been able to do and in a good way. liz: president trump's team defending the commander-in-chief this weekend over plans from a trump tell all book that questions president trump's mental fitness. some democrats and media outlets continue to run with that story line. let's roll tape. >> not only amplifies the coverage of this, but he also amplifies the questions that the book raises. >> we can look back a year from now and say the warning signs are there, and we did not put enough. >> it's like richard nixon. his mental capacity, his ability to process information, his impulse control. >> if this book is to be believed, then i think it is credible and quite frightening for the american people. >> we've probably all written this 500 times. liz: with me now harvard law school professor, author of trumped up. he is allen dershowitz. mr. dershowitz, we were teasing to this segment that
5:39 pm
you call this psychiatrizing the president. what do you mean? >> well, it's very dangerous. they did it in russia during the period when they put dissidents in mental hospitals claiming they were emotionally unstable. they did it in china ask south africa. and now we have professors at yale medical school who are saying maybe he ought to be voluntarily committed to a mental hospital. look, we have what we have. i voted against president trump, but i knew everything that we now know and that we're being alleged. nothing has changed. he's the man that a majority of the electoral college voted for and the idea that now a bunch of psychiatrists have never met him and never seen him, never diagnosed him, never were able to interview him are speculating that because they don't like his policies or frightened about what he's doing that he's somehow mentally ill is psychiatrizing. it's worse than criminalizing. it's bad enough when you get
5:40 pm
political opponents saying lock her up. lock him up. put him in jail. put her in jail. it's much worse than people are saying put them in a mental hospital. invoke the 25th amendment. that really undercuts democracy. liz: so you were against the president saying lock her up. but to your point about psychiatrizing, a new yale article saying trump could destroy the entire human species. talking about the president's tweet to north korea and nuclear weapons. the president has been criticized for exaggerating, for throwing out these tweets that gets people very upset. they don't like it. but, by the way, are you trying to say that this was his -- we knew about his temperament going in. we knew he was a known quantity and that we should inspect this expect this. is that what you're saying? >> i'm not saying expect this. i'm saying we knew who he is. nothing has changed. look, the playbook they're pulling out is the same one that democrats pulled out against -- and psychiatrists pulled out in 1964.
5:41 pm
they said he could destroy humanity. they had an ad showing a little child with a flower and then an atomic bomb killing everybody. if you don't like a candidate, vote against him. i voted against him. but more electors voted for him. he's the president and a bunch of psychiatrists at yale or any other place should not be trying to remove him from office through a psychiatric coup, which is what this would be. psychiatrists are notoriously bad at predicting violence iraq and psychiatrists are not supposed to be diagnosing people they have never examined. teresa may says she doesn't see a mental problem at all with president trump. shshe sees a man fighting for his agenda. what do you think? >> well, you agree with his policies, you disagree with his policies. wearing some, i disagree with others. you vote your conscious. but the idea turning over to
5:42 pm
psychiatrists who haven't valuated him or examined him and listening to them is in violation of the american psychiatric associations rules, it's in my view not particularly ethical, and i think it -- it's in danger misleading the public. don't listen to psychiatrists. listen to your own conscious about how you feel about political candidates and then vote your conscious, not what a psychiatrist tells you. that's very dangerous to democracy. liz: and read what the 25th amendment says. it's extremely difficult to get a president removed on the 25th amendment. virtually impossible. >> yep. liz: professor allen dershowitz, we love having you go on. come back soon. >> any time. thank you. liz: fox business maria bartiromo attending the jp morgan health care conference this week. maria has a big interview with jp morgan chase chair and ceo jamie diamond tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. be sure to tune into that. look at this story. apple making a lot of money. most of its revenue off the iphones. but now two big
5:43 pm
shareholders are asking at what cost? saying apple, that iphone device and smartphones in general, they're toxic to children. we're bringing in a doctor to break that down. but first, a new report. almost a million americans now getting special bonuses from their bosses thanks to the gop tax cuts. we've got a guy neither rich nor big corporation. he is giving out those tax cut bonuses and hiking his minimum wage. he's bank ceo jim, joins me next. stay right there
5:44 pm
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5:47 pm
>> hi, how are you doing? liz: good to see you. so you're one of the 100 companies now giving out the bonuses. how did you guys afford that? >> well, it really the tax cut is was the driver of it. the bank is -- had great growth over the last few years and pretty good earnings. but the tax cut should save us a significant amount of money. about $750,000 next year. we felt that that will benefit our customers. it's also going to benefit our community. we really wanted it to also benefit our employees. so we decided to do something a little bit different and give the bonuses out. and the minimum wage increase. liz: how did your workers respond? >> just unbelievable. i've got to tell you, a lot of them were tear-jerking, e-mails where you just don't
5:48 pm
understand what's going on in people's lives. people have spouses out of work or children that are sick and just many stories. and i tell you, i did not expect it. i expected, you know, thank you or something like that. but the stories were just overwhelming. liz: you know, you're a big, bad bank ceo, and you're reading your e-mails through workers who are crying and happiness over the bonus and the minimum wage hike. so it's interesting. we had, though, analysts and anchors at msnbc saying you know what? companies like yours, you're not going to create jobs or hike salaries. what's your reaction to that? >> you know, i just don't really understand what they're saying. we need to use this money to continue to grow. i'm talking to you from charleston, south carolina right now where we just hired two more people who are going to lead our south carolina efforts. we have another person that we have not even announced yet that we're hiring in raleigh.
5:49 pm
so we're expanding, we're growing. the tax cuts are largely allowing us to do it. it's -- that extra earnings translates directly into additional lending capacity that the bank has. so we're taking advantage of it. we're trying to share some of that with our employees. but at the same time, we want to hire people and grow. liz: thank you, jim. come back with more of your story. great stuff. good to see you, sir. >> thank you very much. liz: next, look at this story that's coming up. apple making billions of dollars off its iphone. now two big time apple investors are saying at what cost? they're accusing apple of basically the device that's bad for children. we've got the details. we're going to break it down. and the blow to millions of people suffering worldwide from alzheimer's and parkinson's. we're talking pharmaceutical giant pfizer, they're stopping the research there. we're bringing in mike on what that means for you and your family after this.
5:50 pm
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liz: that is what two big time apple investors are now saying. they launched a campaign to make america's biggest company by market value more socially responsible. we're talking calpers and partners. they're saying that basically smartphones and iphones are addictive, and you should not have them near your children. that this is a growing public health crisis. it's a big story. look at this. apple stock hitting another all-time high today but closing in the red. let's bring in doctor mike joins me now. doctor, what do you think of that story that, you know, there are has been reports of increased rates of depression in teenagers and suicide as well. we're talking little kids. what's your thought here? >> absolutely. well, this
5:54 pm
story from a doctor's perspective is definitely exciting. another aspect is being a millennial. i'm also excited to see a company get involved with some social good. when you talk about positive psychology or influencing anyone's actions, we've seen this time and time again that positive reinforcement is better than negative reinforcement. so what these companies are doing by encouraging apple by saying if you want our investment money, you need to make social good. you need to improve parental controls on these devices. you need to fund research. and the reason that you need to -- liz: wait, wait, wait, doctor, sorry. let me jump in. why are phones, smartphones bad for kids? >> well, because you have a lot of psychological problems that develop with a lot of time that the children are spending on the phone and not living in real life. when that happens, you lose the connection between the person sitting in front of you. a lot of times when we see bullying online become amplified and taken to the next level where it leads to something horrible like
5:55 pm
suicide, it's because they don't have that immediate feedback of saying something nasty to somebody and watching the person react unfavorably. that sort of feedback to a person's mind actually discouraging them from bullying. but when you're online, when you're on your phone, you don't have the immediate feedback, and it allows you to take things to the next level. liz: that's a good point you make, doctor. let's get to this story. the big blow to millions of people worldwide suffering from alzheimer's and parkinson's. these are two neurodegenerative disorders that target memory and motor functions. now, doctor, we've got pharmaceutical giants pfizer, they're stopping the research into alzheimer's and parkinson's? let's check the stock closing the day in the red. doctor, what's your reaction to this story? >> well, it's interesting. on one hand, you see a company like pfizer, and you have to understand that they don't trade on currency of moral fiber. they trade on financial currency. so if they don't see the reward in doing the research for alzheimer's and parkinson's from a financial
5:56 pm
standpoint, they're just simply not going to do it. that's why it's interesting that we initially led with the story of apple and how companies are saying we will invest money if you do social good. perhaps some of the companies into pfizer request the same thing. that they should look into whether or not they're as risky as doing research as on alzheimer's and parkinson's. liz: doctor mike, thank you so much for coming on. we love having you go on. good to see you, sir. >> thank you so much, liz. >> now let's get to this story. president trump traveling to the national college football championship game. and look at this. the naacp calling for a protest at that game. more on that after this. don't go away
5:57 pm
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6:00 pm
news. thank you for having us in your home. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: president trump is expected to arrive in mi march yeta, georgia. he's gone to attend the championship game. we begin with president trump's policy speech in front of the mayor cash farm bureau and touted the revival of the american dream. president trump: for america there is no task too great, no goal too large, no dream beyond our reach. we are witnessing a new era of patriotism, prosperity and pride. at the for


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